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How travel to the United States could be affected by Trump’s win

The president-elect’s policies could continue to slow inbound tourism.

Why artificial intelligence is the future of travel

Could smart technology render travel agents obsolete or supplement them?

Millennial women face new mental health struggles in the workplace

Young workers today report higher rates of depression than any other generatio

Is it unethical for Americans to visit Cuba?

Americans who travel to Cuba struggle with conflicting feelings

Why millennials are smart (not entitled) for living with their parents

Staying on good terms with mom and dad is a smart financial decisio

Bad vibrations: Your sex toy may be collecting information about you

Why you may not want all of your devices to be ‘smart’

The death of the dinner date

Online daters are too busy or too cheap to eat out when they first meet

Kim Kardashian returned to Twitter and Instagram — here’s how much money she lost by staying off social media

The reality TV star went into virtual hiding after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in Octobe

How losing my phone in Cuba helped me reconnect with the world

My poor online security practices turned my trip to Cuba into an extended internet vacation

The $72,000 question you should be asking your real estate agent

Be very careful where you wire the deposit on your new home

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